Folk Songs Of Nepal

Overview Of Folk Songs In Nepal

Nepali society holds incredible importance for folk songs. They are sung for different events, celebrations, occasion, reties and other numerous customs.

Traditional and old songs that are sung by a specific group of people or community in their own local tunes with their special musical instruments are called folk songs.

Different group of peoples or communities have their own unique folk songs. Folk songs might differ from place to place. For example, folk songs of the people living in terai are different than that of people living in the mountain region. Folk songs also differ according to caste, creeds, culture, religion, etc.

Such folk songs hold a very important mark. Each an every folk song of a community has some values. Each and every folk songs might have deep importance of happiness, joy, separation, history and so on.

Folk songs in Nepal are performed in various festivals, events, ceremonies, Jaatras, marriages, Bartbanda, and many other social and traditional rituals.

For example, people sing Deusi and Bhailo songs in Tihar. Women sing Teej songs in Teej. Asare songs are popular during the rainy seasons when farmer sow the paddy plants and so on.

Folk Songs Of Nepal
Hindu Women Dancing On Teej Songs.

In Nepal, different communities of different castes have their own folk songs. Different tradition, culture, customs results in different folk songs.  Such as Chandi songs is sung by Rai peoples, Palam songs are sung by the Limbu peoples, Teej songs are sung by the Hindu women during Teej, Syabru songs are sung by the Sherpas peoples in mountain, Selo songs are sung by the Tamangs, Kaura songs are sung by the Magar community and Karkha songs are sung by the Gandharva communities.

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Folk Songs of Nepal Practiced In Different Parts

There are specific folk songs which are sung in different places of Nepal. The Hakpare folk song is sung in the eastern part of Nepal, Deuda song is sung in Doti and Hori, Salhes, Karikh and Jhijhiya songs are sung in Mithila region of Terai.

Some of The Names of Folk Songs In Nepal Practiced By Different Communities of People.

Community Folk Song
Limbu Palam
Gandharva Karkha
Sherpa Syabru
Magar Kaura
Tamang Selo
Hindu Women Teej Songs

Modern Folk Songs In Nepal

With the pace of time and modernizing trends and technologies, folk songs of Nepal are also changing. There is no actual charm of the traditional folk song.  Maybe folk songs in Nepal are seeking the professional way and are being money-oriented. This is something we have to alert about.

There are still some modern folk songs in Nepal which are able to keep the charm of traditional folk songs and at the same time gives an amazing modern vibe. They are also called Lok Geet or Lok Dohori. One of the examples of a modern folk song can be Prakash Saput’s Galbandi.

Importance Of Folk Songs In Nepal

  • Folk songs hold a very important mark. Each and every folk songs might have deep importance of happiness, joy, separation, history and so on.
  • They work as an identity of a certain group or community.
  • Such folk songs play a vital role in spreading happiness, joy, peace, and brotherhood.
  • Folk songs play an important role in promoting tourism and gaining economic benefits.
  • They act as a tool to preserve our history.



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