Hurried Trip To Avoid A Bad Star Summary And Important Questions

Hurried Trip To Avoid A Bad Star

– M. Lilla and C. Bishop Barry

Summary of Hurried Trip To Avoid A Bad Star

“Hurried Trip To Avoid A Bad Star” was jointly written by two American geographers, M.Lilla and C. Bishop Barry. Based on the writer’s first-hand experience of traveling on the hills of Western Nepal, this essay depicts the social and economic life of Karnali region.

The writers started their trekking from Jumla to Nepalgunj after Christmas. The writers were accompanied by a group of local travelers who were carrying some local products like hashish, medicinal herbs, hand-knit sweaters, and blankets to trade them in the market of Nepalgunj. While climbing a 11350 feet high mountain, Hari Lekh, the writers meet a handsome woman of about 30. She asked them the usual questions they had been asked on the way. She also requested them to send her husband back home if he had moved to their village. The way, the woman talked and behaved and behaved with the writers revealed that the people of the Karnali region were imprisoned in the narrow universe of their own. While climbing up another mountain, the writer met a group of 8 or 9 people who were processing Silajit on the way. When asked why they have not processed it before they left their homes, they replied to the writer that they have to start their journey in order to avoid the influence of the bad star.

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After descending to a lower elevation, the writer passed through the forest of skeletal-looking sal trees. They could hear the local people cutting down the branches of trees to feed their cattle. When the writer pointed out the possibility of deforestation due to ruthless exploitation of nature, they replied to the writer that they could do nothing as they have to feed their cattle at any cost.

Spending a night in a tent, the writers arrived at the market of Nepalgunj. The fellow travelers sold the goods, they have brought and bought daily needs like cotton cloth, aluminum, Iron wares, spice, jewelry, and even distillery equipment. The writers return to the Jumla to complete their project. During their 15 months of wandering through Western Nepal, they learned, that the people of this region are devoted to farming, but farming alone doesn’t sustain them all the year round. So, they have to look for alternative means of earning besides agriculture.

Some Important Questions And Answers From “Hurried Trip To Avoid A Bad Star”

Question. Write a paragraph or two to show how Karnali is linked economically with the lowland regions of the south.

Answer. Karnali region is one of the troublesome lands of Nepal where there is neither enough cultivating Lande nor alternative sources of income of its own. The people of this Karnali region are wedded to farming, but it doesn’t yield enough to keep them alive throughout the year. So the people of this region have to depend on the Terai region for their livelihood. They carry the local product like hashish, medicinal herbs, hand-knitted sweaters, and blankets to sell them in the market of Nepalgunj. With the money they earn selling the goods, they purchase the goods of daily needs like cotton clothes, spice, ironware, aluminum, jewelry, distillery equipment, etc. Some people go to Nepalgunj and other cities of Nepal as well as India looking for alternative sources of income. Thus, the Karnali region depends economically on the lowland reasons in the south.

Question. Give a short account of the life of the people of Karnali.

Answer. The life of the people of Karnali is economically weak and dependent on the Terai region and socially traditional, superstitious, and backward. This region doesn’t have alternative sources of income besides farming. Therefore, people have to depend on the Terai region for their livelihood.

The girls are married at a premature age and are compelled to send their husband away from home to look for job opportunities. Since the people don’t have outside contact, they are imprisoned in the narrow universe of their own. They believe that the position of heavenly bodies influences their lives and schedule their everyday activities accordingly. Being unaware of the consequences of deforestation, they are exploiting nature ruthlessly. As a whole, the life of the people of this region is poor and deplorable.

Some Important Questions From The Poem “Hurried Trip To Avoid A Bad Star” From Examination Point of View:

  • What does the skeletal looking sal trees indicate about the exploitation of nature? What does the reply “what can we do? The animal must eat today” signify?
  • Explain in brief the sad tale of Karnali zone.
  • Why were the travelers going to Nepalgunj? What had they carried?
  • Why did karma buy only distillery equipment?
  • What is Silajit? What are its uses? Explain.
  • What is Silajit? What are the medicinal uses?
  • Describe briefly how Karnali is economically linked with the low land terai region.
  • What did the two writers learn about the life and culture of the people of the Karnali region during the journey on foot?
  • Write a few paragraphs to show how the Karnali zone is economically linked to the lowland region. Explain if any changes have taken place in the Karnali region since the text was written.
  • Present a short account of Karnali Zone, explaining how it is economically linked to the low land region. Include if some changes have taken place there since the essay was written.

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