Importance of Agriculture In Nepal

Agriculture in Nepal.
Agriculture in Nepal.

Our country Nepal has more villages than towns. Most of the people live in villages and they are farmers who depend on agriculture. Agriculture is the backbone of the country and supplies people with daily needs. Unless Nepal can develop the agricultural sector, the development of the country is impossible.

The agricultural sector provides us with many things. Firstly we can get our food from agriculture, we can get fresh fruits and vegetables. But in our country Nepal, agricultural development has not been given a high priority. Most of the farmers apply traditional methods of farming because most of them are not well trained and uneducated.

Nepali farmers don’t get enough focus from the government. They are deprived of a good irrigation facility. Most of the land from terai goes left barren due to a lack of irrigation facilities. The government doesn’t provide fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and other assets needed for farmers to boost up their agricultural habits.

If we could grow all the foods that we need, we wouldn’t be seeking imports from India and China. During the peak season, we have to import even rice and potato from India. It is a matter of shame that we cannot grow such basic food enough in our country Nepal. If the government helps the farmer and focuses on agriculture, no youths should go abroad. We can even export agricultural products to other countries and enjoy the foreign currency.

More than 70% of the people from Nepal are employed in the agricultural sector. If we can develop it properly, the problem of unemployment can be easily solved in Nepal. There are some industries that are based on agricultural products. We can provide products to such industries in Nepal too.

Importance of Agriculture In Nepal

  • It is the main source of living of the majority of people in Nepal.
  • We can export agricultural products and earn foreign currency.
  • It provides employment opportunities to the youths and hence holds energetic youths from going abroad.
  • Agriculture provides raw materials for many industries.
  • Agriculture involves physical work and makes us healthy.
  • It doesn’t keeep land barren and helps to decrease soi pollution.
  • Agriculture helps in maintaing balance in the eco-system.

There are many problems faced by the farmers in Nepal leading to undeveloped agriculture tradition in Nepal.

Problems of Agriculture in Nepal

  • The government doesn’t give enough focus to the agricultural sector.
  • Major agricultural services like tractor, threshers, seeds, pesticides, etc are expensive.
  • The traditional method of agricultural practice due to uneducated and unskilled farmers that leads to low growth.
  • Nepal lacks a proper market for agricultural products.
  • Lack of proper management.
  • Lack of proper irrigation facilities, seeds, fertilizers, agricultural equipment, insecticides, etc.
  • Lack of proper transportation and storage facilities.
  • Presence of middlemen that directly affect farmers while selling products.


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