Look At A Tea Cup Summary

Look At A Teacup Summary

Written by all-time-popular feminist writer Patricia Hampl, Look At A Tea Cup is a history recall, where the author recalls her mother’s history in a teacup. “Look at a teacup: also shows the aftereffect of deadly world war. As it is written by a feminist writer, it shows how faith in marriage has been faded away due to the world war.

The Teacup described by the author in the essay was bought by the author’s mother in 1939 which was later handed over to the author as a souvenir. 1939 was the wedding year of the writer’s mother. It was also the inception year of the second world war.

The writer takes the teacup as a connector that connects herself and her mother. In fact, it is a bridge between the old and the new generation.

The teacup has now become thin and the level of the tea can be guessed from the outside. There are pictures of various flowers painted in the teacup which seem to be falling to the bottom. These falling pictures of flowers represent bombs that fell on innocent peoples during the world war. It also represents the falling of married couples in bed for romance. Finally, it also represents the fall of faith in marriage after the husbands died in the world war. On the other hand, these falling followers represent the degrading culture and arts in the future generation.

The author in the essay “Look at a teacup” also discusses various differences between the old generation and the new generation. She finds herself very different from her mother. Her mother was optimistic about tomorrow (future), whereas the writer herself is pessimistic. Writer’s mother gave importance to her family however, the writer gives importance to her work. Writer’s mother didn’t give importance to health, on the other hand, the writer gives importance to her health. Her mother bought things she needed only after her marriage however, the writer is buying them before her marriage. The writer thinks these differences were the result of the second world war.

The writer in the essay “Look at a teacup” also discusses mother-daughter relationship. She takes mother as a teacher and a friend. At last, she also talks about the importance of souvenirs. She thinks the teacup given by her mother as a souvenir bridge the gap between the old and the new generation. They keep the history alive. However, she doesn’t want to be the history alive because they were shattered by the deadly world war.

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