The Cabuliwallah Summary And Analysis

The Cabuliwallah

-Rabindranath Tagore

The Cabuliwallah Summary

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The Cabuliwallah is a story written by the legendary Bengali writer Rabindranath Tagore. The Cabuliwallah revolves around the stories of two friends a peddler and a small stunning girl Mini.

The peddler, Abdur Rahman is from Kabul, Afghanistan and he used to sell seasonal goods in India.

One day Mini, the 5 years old daughter of the writer saw him and called him “Oh! Cabuliwallah”. When Cabuliwallah visited her house she got afraid. She used to get afraid of the giant look of that peddler (Cabuliwallah). Many days after that she used to tease peddler calling “Oh Cabuliwallah” and used to run towards her mom for hiding.

One day the writer himself introduced Mini with him. The Cabuliwallah gave her some nuts and resins. After that Cabuliwallah started visiting her more often and offered her something to eat.

They both felt comfortable with the company of each other. The writer too was quite happy with the duo however, Mini’s mother was pretty disappointed watching their friendship. She thought that Cabuliwallah would kidnap Mini one day.

However, on the contrary Mini and Cabuliwallah became friends by heart. They started loving their company and use to do fun and were very happy.

One day the writer (Mini’s father) was writing his novel and suddenly his eyes fell on Mini. She was very sad sitting in one corner. The writer then asks for Mini’s disappointment. She furiously said that the Cabuliwallah hasn’t come to meet her. That day she even denies having the food as she misses her beloved friend’s companion.

Two policemen have arrested Cabuliwallah and there is blood all over him. The writer finds the truth that the Cabuliwallah has sold one of his Rampuri Shawl to a customer in credit. And when the customer refused to pay the due, Cabuliwallah in anger stabbed him. Cabuliwallah was then sentenced to 8 years of jail for stabbing his customer.

After 8 years when Cabuliwallah was freed from jail he directly the Cabuliwallah visits Mini’s house. It was the wedding day of mini. So, the writer didn’t allow Cabuliwallah to meet Mini. Then he gave some nuts and raisins which he has brought for Mini. He then took out a handprint of his daughter from his pocket and explains that he also has a daughter like Mini; whom he misses very much. The eyes of the writer get filled with tears. Finally, the writer realizes that the Cabuliwallah misses his daughter very much and that’s why he felt close to Mini.

After that, he calls Mini, who was in her wedding dress and introduces her with Cabuliwallah. Cabuliwallah was quite surprised seeing mini so grown up. At the same time, he also felt sad when he didn’t find any excitement on Mini. Even she didn’t recognize him.

The writer got sentimental by the scene and he offered hundred rupees to the Cabuliwallah and asked him to go back to his daughter in his own country.

Moral of the Story “Cabuliwallah”

“The Cabuliwallah” is a short story by Rabindranath Tagore about a young girl, Mini, and a street seller, Abdul Rehman, who sells trinkets and toys door-to-door. The narrative focuses on several important ideas and teachings.

One of the key themes is the value of human connection and relationships. The anecdote demonstrates how even brief contact can have a lasting impact on a person’s life. Mini and the Cabuliwallah’s friendship exemplifies the power of human connection and how it can transcend time and geography.

Another key theme is the power of memories and their significance in shaping a person’s life. Even years later, Cabuliwallah’s memories of Mini from his stay in her hometown impact his perceptions and behavior. It emphasizes the significance of memories and how they define a person’s identity and life purpose.

The story also discusses cultural differences and the significance of recognizing and appreciating diversity. The Cabuliwallah is a foreigner in Mini’s town, and their encounter shows the cultural differences between them. It also demonstrates how people from diverse origins can connect and understand one another despite their differences.

Furthermore, it emphasizes the concept of sacrifice; the Cabuliwallah sacrifices his personal happiness in order to give Mini the gift of his memories; it is a selfless gesture that demonstrates the depth of his love for her.

Finally, the story is a meditation on the human condition and the desire for connection and understanding. It demonstrates how people from all areas of life, regardless of background, share a basic desire for connection and understanding.

Finally, “The Cabuliwallah” is a story about the power of human connection, the importance of relationships, the force of memories, cultural differences, sacrifice, and the human condition.


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