The Lost Doll Summary And Important Questions

The Lost Doll Summary And Important Questions
The Lost Doll Summary And Important Questions

The Lost Doll

Summary of The Lost Doll:

The Lost Doll is a supernatural story taken from Colombia, South America. The story deals with premature death of a girl and her reincarnation as her younger sister.

Maria Del Carmen was only the child of her parents Roberto Soto and Rosa Soto. She was bright, kind, loving and beautiful child. However, she had been sick since her birth. When she grew up her health become weaker and she died the age of four. All the villagers turn bereaved and attended her funeral ceremony. The dead body of Carmen was buried under the grave on the top of the hill; outside the village.

After the death of Carmen, Rosa Soto gave her clothes and playing things to a priest from the neighboring village. When Roberto Soto returned back in the evening, she told him what she has done. Rosa didn’t have any hope for another child therefore she didn’t want to save the belongings of Carmen any longer. On the other hand Roberto still had some hope for another child therefore he wanted to save the goods of Carmen for the expected child. While having the conversation with Rosa Soto, Roberto looked out at the backyard and was reminded of the doll Carmen used to play with. He asked his wife about it but she replied to him that it was not with the things she had given to the priest. They searched the doll everywhere but couldn’t find it. Soon, Rosa was pregnant which finally made them forget about the lost doll.

Exactly one year after the death of Carmen, Rosa Soto gave birth to second child. The new child was named Evangelina, which meant good news. As Evangelina grew up, she began to look like her sister in her appearance, actions and characters. The only difference between them was their health, unlike Carmen Evangelina was perfectly fit and healthy. When she was four years old she told her mother that she had been sick a long time ago. She insisted on being sick on the presence of Rosa’s sister. She also remembered the doll she used to play with and the place where she had buried it. Though Rosa and her sister didn’t believe on what she said, they followed her to the backyard. When Rosa dug the ground in the backyard, she found the doll which had been lost for five years.

When asked to explain everything about the doll, Evangelina told her mother and her aunt the event that took place at the last stage of her previous life. She explained that she had been sick a long time ago. After a priest prayed putting his hand on her had, she fell asleep. Then, a real nice man came to take her away, seeing a doll in her hand he didn’t allow her to go with the doll. Instead he buried the doll under the backyard as she wished.

This story deals with the death of a girl in her infancy and her reincarnation in the form of her younger sister. The events as such hardly take place in real life. They are beyond the law of nature and can’t be justified by the scientific principles therefore “The Lost Doll” is a supernatural story.

Some Important Questions of The Lost Doll:

Question. What indications are there in the story, that shows the Soto family was poor?

Answer. The indications which show the poverty of the Soto family are as follows.

  • No reference to the treatment of Maria Del Carmen.
  • Desire of the Roboto Soto to save the clothes and playthings of Carmen.
  • Rough hands of Roberto Soto.

Question. What are the similarities between Carmen and The Lost Doll?

Answer. The similarities between Carmen and The Lost Doll are as follows.

  • Both of them are similar to each other in their physical appearance.

Maria Del Carmen was cute as the doll itself. She looked like the doll, even after death. The blue eyes and red dress of the doll reminds of the Carmen’s herself. (They looked like twins)

  • Both Carmen and the doll disappeared from the Soto family for some time and both of them were reincarnated.

After the death of Carmen, she was buried under the graveyard and the doll was buried under the backyard. After Carmen was reincarnated as Evangelina she remembered her doll and it was taken out from the grave.

  • Both Carmen and The Doll were unique for the Soto Family.

Carmen was the only one child of her parents. Likewise, the doll was only the plaything with which she spent most of her time. It was the only thing that connected Evangelina to her previous life.

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