The Sword of Damocles Bloom’s Taxonomy

The sword of Damocles

-Source Greek legend

The sword of Damocles Bloom’s taxonomy


The story was written by Greek legend; it means the real writer is unknown. There’s a doubt in the authenticity of the story.

The story roams around the dictatorial ruler Dionysius and is one of the courtiers, Damocles.

The story is based on the Kingship, Crown, Power, and boundless wealth.

The main theme of the story is that power and wealth not only bring happiness, satisfaction, and peace, but along it holds significant responsibilities honor and many threats and hurdles.

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The sword of Damocles is generally the story taken from the Greek source (Journal). Basically, there are two main characters King of Sicily Dionysius and his courtier Damocles. The Dionysius was famous as a great ruler since he was surrounded by the people having enough knowledge of science, letters, and the arts. Also, people used to call him cruel for his dictatorial ruling.

The Damocles didn’t use to miss the opportunity of flattering the King. One day during flattering, he expressed his feeling of wearing the crown and sitting on the throne. By the time he also mentioned that he enjoys living with colossal wealth and power. So one-day, King decided to arrange a banquet and offered Damocles his throne for a while. Initially, Damocles enjoyed the throne and crown in his head. But after some hours, the heavy crown led him to a headache. Also, he found a huge sword suspended by a single hair precisely over his head. Soon he got terrified and begged the tyrant to release him from his terrible throne.

Finally, he realized that boundless wealth and great power not only bring happiness, satisfaction, and peace but also carry many responsibilities and holds the honor.


The story carries a big moral and teaches us to remain happy in our own position or remain happy with what we have. The story “The sword of Damocles” tells us that with great power comes great responsibility, and it’s very accurate indeed. The story “The sword of Damocles” also tells that power and wealth are not only the key to happiness. The pursuit of happiness depends upon your own soul satisfaction which is the main Moto of this story.

So we must acknowledge others’ struggles and should not get jealous of their success.

4. Analyzing

The story is handed from one generation to another generation, like the stories of fairy. The incident in the story was from Greek, and the writer is unknown, so this story might not be the real one.

We may see that both the king and Damocles are wrong, respectively. Because being a King, he shouldn’t be giving his throne and crown to any normal person. However, on the other side, the Damocles also shouldn’t ask King for his throne and crown. The main theme of the story “The sword of Damocles” is to tell us that with great power comes great responsibility.

If we take a glance in the story, the King seems to be more sincere and true than the Damocles, all though people call him cruel and dictator. All the people like to call him evil, but the way he gives a lesson to Damocles doesn’t justify that, instead, he seems to be sincere and generous.

5. Evaluating

The story seems to be a fine and convincing one since it does not confuse readers with Jargons. But we can smell a few ancient words, sentences, and ways of writing. I think the characters, plots, scenes, and sequence completes all the requirements and gives complete justice to the theme of the story.


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