Tourism And Aviation Scenario In Nepal

Tourism And Aviation Scenario In Nepal

Tourism and aviation are coexisting organization. One cannot flourish without others. As people started to travel for the sake of business, pleasure and other activities modes of transport played a vital role in this process. Thomas cook started to take people to travel from place to place. He used railways as the source of transportation. After the end of World War II, most of the structure got damaged leaving airways as the only source of transportation. Since then the aviation has played a vital role in the travel and tourism sector.

Civil avionics has changed the manner in which individuals travel and fuelled the idea of globalization. Almost certainly, it is the quickest method of movement and a fast journey arrange at the administration for humanity.

Nepal government has constantly kept the travel industry on the highest point of its needs. Nepal as a land-locked nation vigorously depends on air transportation for the deluge of tourists. In the meantime, air transport has contributed enormously in rescue operations, evacuation and during natural disasters.

For a land-locked nation like Nepal, air transportation has been a gift to the extent that a worldwide network is concerned. It plays a dominant role in the inter-regional movement of people that generally takes a long period of time. Its importance is seen mostly in those areas where roadways are unable to provide the service of transportation. for instance, Lukla airport is the only means to reach the world highest peak, the Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha). So we can evaluate the importance of air transportation.

Impacts of aviation in Nepali tourism industry

Aviation has an adverse impact on Nepali tourism. Tribhuwan International Airport(TIA) is the only international airport of Nepal. Recently, the number of tourists both National and international are increasing rapidly and TIA is providing its full service to the passengers or the tourist.

Aviation has helped a lot in tourism. It has promoted both national and international tourist. Being a landlocked country, the foremost way to enter into Nepal is by Airway. By the year 2016, a number of tourists to travel by air was 572563 which is 41% more than that of 2015. It has helped to generate more revenue than other modes of transportation. TIA is functioning for both national and international tourists.

Aviation also seems to show negative impacts in our country as Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) is the only international airport in Nepal and has only one runway. Various airlines, both national and international perform their task through this airport only causing a delay in airlines. Also, the maintenance of the airport is questionable as the news of aircraft accident, human and drug trafficking etc. is common. During peak season it causes chaos proper management of the airport. There is an absence of good equipment to function properly.

To reduce all these negative impact the country should focus on establishing new international airlines. For the time being the country should basically focus on hiring effective human resource. The airport should improve its quality thoroughly and start to upgrade the technologies.

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