Types And Classifications Of Events

Events are happenings and moments. Some events just happen like birthday, death and so on. On the other hand, some events need to be planned and worked on. So, planning and making happen some events like a concert, film festival and so on is called event management.

There are various types of events and they can be classified in two broad ways.

Events On The Basis Of Size

Events are often portrayed according to their size and scale. Common categories
are major events, mega-events, hallmark events, and local/community events.

Types And Classifications Of Events 1

  • Mega Events
  • Major Events
  • Hallmark Events
  • Local/Community or Small Events
  1. Mega Events: Mega-events are the enormous events that affect whole economies and echo in the global media. Example of mega-events can be FIFA Worldcup.
  2. Major Events: Major events are events which are large in scale and attract significant media interest and are capable of attracting notable visitor numbers, media coverage and economic benefits. Example of major events can be Indian IIFA awards.
  3. Hallmark Events: Tourism researcher Ritchie (1984, p. 2) defines Hallmark events as: ‘Major single-time or repeating events of limited duration, initiated mainly to enhance awareness, appeal, and profitability of a tourism destination in a short or long time span.
    attention’. Example of the Hallmark event can be the Carnival in Rio.
  4. Local/ Community Events: These are small events happening at a local and regional level. Example of such events can be local concerts, food festival, etc.

Events On The Basis of Types

Events On The Basis of Types

  • Business, Meetings, and Conferences
  • Incentives
  • Sports Cultural Arts Events
  • Protests
  • Religious Events
  • Life Cycle And Milestones
  • Historical Events
  • Marathons
  • Street Dances
  • Film Festivals
  1. Business Meetings, and Conferences: These includes business-related meetings and conferences. It can be a meeting between the shareholders, employees, meeting for product launch, etc.
  2. Incentives: Incentives are kind of events which is aimed at rewarding the best employees, staffs, distributors and even customers sometimes. Here employees, staffs, distributors and so on are take n to a trip, make them enjoy and award them. Sometimes a formal program also takes place.
  3. Sports: Sports are also a kind of events with great economic and other potentialities. Such events range from small like local level football competition to large like FIFA Worldcup.
  4. Protests: Political and other forms of protests are also kind of events.
  5. Religious Events: This includes religious events like different festivals and Jatras. Dashan, Indra Jatra, etc can be an example of religious events.
  6. Lifecycle & Milestones: Events like birthdays, marriage, death ceremony, etc.



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