Why Adverise With Us?

  • Our contents are moreover student centrist and we have a bulk number of creative and rational students who follow our contents regularly and might be interested in your stuff.

  • Because we are not as expensive as Mainstream Media.

  • Because we don't welcome every random advertisements and we have limited ad spaces. We believe in quality rather than quantity.

  • Because we are good on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and rank well in alexa global as well as alexa Nepal.

  • Because we don't get irritated with your queries and requirements. We are as flexible as a rubber band.

  • Advertise With Us

    Advertisement Plans

    Banner Ads: We help you reach your stuff to a large number of audience through banner ads. We have two banner ads plan.

    • Leader board (728*90) This can be placed in the header section, paragraph section or in the footer as per your need.
    • Medium Rectangle: (300*250): This can be placed in the sidebar of website and posts section.

    Advertorial: This is a section similar to a post, specially designed for our advertisers who cannot promote their stuff through banner ads only. In this section, they can put their photos, their long elaboration, links and so on. This kind of advertisement is suitable for events, business introduction, product launch, etc.

    Back-links: This is a section for website holders who wish to boost up their SEO by placing their website links on ours. We have the following plans on this section.

    • We can allow guest posting with links.
    • We can allow putting back-links on our existing contents

    P.S we are not limited to above mentioned advertisement plans. We also offer other advertisement plans like interstitial and more. Feel free to contact us for more. Cheers!

    How to contact us for advertisement

    Throw us a MailĀ  at : contact[@]